• RJG Technologies does not believe in training for training's sake but for productivity improvements through more effective use of available production running hours, better quality parts and cycle time reduction.
  • In addition to our standard courses we offer tailor-made courses covering basic concepts to advanced processing.
  • To ensure we meet the requirements of our customers a set of assessment papers is offered prior to injection moulding process training to ensure the correct level of knowledge and approach is covered.
  • RJG courses are practically-based, with hands-on work forming two-thirds of the content and are led by experienced engineers and injection moulding process training professionals in the injection moulding sector. Both the syllabus and the theoretical content of each course provide the best and most practical support for this approach.
  • RJG believes correct education and a thorough understanding of the injection moulding process by its personnel is vitally important to all companies.
  • Performance reviews taken before and after particular optimisation exercises unequivocally show a reduction in component costs through achievement of higher output and efficiency levels – by OEE values or through improved cavity utilisation, reduced defects or cycle time reduction.




In addition to tailor-made courses, RJG offers a number of specialist courses. Click on the links below to find out more information about our most frequently requested courses.

Other examples of courses offered are:

  • Mould Mounting Safety Course
  • Materials Technology II
  • Hot Runner Technology I and II
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Design of Experiment
Custom Training

Custom Training

RJG offers standard courses which are scheduled throughout the year and held in our Peterborough training facility. These courses can also be conducted on-site at customer premises.

In addition we offer customised courses to suit the particular needs and productivity objectives of our customers and these are also held either at Peterborough or on-site at their premises. For example, training can be conducted through process optimisation exercises on current production lines.

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UK Centre of Excellence

UK Centre of Excellence

RJG Technologies / G&A Moulding has been awarded the status of a Centre of Excellence for the Process Industries following a period of assessment of resource and capability.

The attainment of this award recognises the quality of provision of training to the polymer industry and acknowledges the role that RJG UK plays in the development of new course structures and thereby raising the standards for the industry.

The key to profitability lies within a company’s ability to maintain a world class skill level within its workforce.  RJG UK uses the fundamental principles to build a solid foundation through which core processing skills can be developed. Our injection moulding courses are delivered in our state of the art facility in Peterborough by one of our team of highly experienced Training and Process Engineers.

We recognise the importance of understanding market sectors within the Polymer Industry and although the same core principles apply throughout, we maintain the ability to deliver specific courses into sectors including medical. Pharmaceutical, optical, automotive, healthcare, packaging and consumables.

The validated courses we offer are:-

  • Mould Mounting
  • Fundamentals of Injection Moulding
  • Module 1 – Melt Preparation and Plasticisation
  • Module 2 – Process Control Technology
  • Module 3 – Materials Technology
  • High Performance