RJG has independently developed a step-by-step procedure for optimising the injection moulding process which delivers optimum quality products at an optimum cycle time, the software is known as PRO-OP™.

PRO-OP™ has been designed to achieve consistent repeatable part manufacture improving yield by reducing scrap levels, part quality issues and increased production running hours of injection moulding machines (OEE); therefore reducing downtime and time needed for troubleshooting whilst in production.

PRO-OP™ is a server based application which, by setting an optimum injection moulding process, highlights weaknesses and problems in relation to part design, mould design, mould construction, moulding equipment efficiency, moulding equipment specification and material selection.

This injection moulding process is documented with explanations for each key process parameter setting demonstrating the processing conditions and equipment contributions to the final result.

PRO-OP™ not only provides the end user with the mechanism to achieve the most consistent and economic component but also allows complete transparency to demonstrate the processing conditions and equipment contributed to the final result. It is aimed at those individuals who set and support the injection moulding process to a standard that enables their companies to remain competitive in today's economic environment by sustaining a performance level that provokes stability and growth. It offers the industry a standard, well documented and validated process for optimising the manufacture of plastic mouldings and is useful to both the small moulder and large OEMs who need their components to be validated and have traceability.

PRO-OP™ supports companies in a wide range of sectors including the pharmaceutical and medical sector by providing a documented and structured validation protocol which is FDA Approved.

Function and Access
Users are provided with specific User ID and passwords enabling access to the PRO-OP™ server. There is a user hierarchy which allows roles to be defined such as Administrator, Approver, Engineer and Viewer user levels allowing different rights and roles for each user level to be assigned. It is possible to assign multiple roles to one user if required.

The customer is assigned Administrative rights to manage/control/add user accounts.

There are different options for licensing to optimise the system dependent upon application of the software and production site location. This enables different cost options to be offered dependent upon projected frequency of use.

Platform and Technology
The PRO-OP™ application has been developed and is hosted on the Microsoft .Net Platform where all the infrastructural components are members of the Microsoft Server family.  We have a scheduled maintenance and update programme with our Development Partners and upgrades to the application are made at the end of each development cycle annually.

Application data is protected with a combination of licensing and built in role based application security. Physical security is provided by our hosting partners and at the machine level by firewall.

Zero Downtime
The infrastructure has been designed to provide the highest possible levels of availability. This has been achieved by clustering both the front end webservers and back end database servers. This not only provides maximum availability but also balances the load during times of high utilisation which ensures the best levels of performance possible for the user.

Technical Support
Dedicated technical support team providing continuous software development bug tracking and feature requests.

Key Points

  • Step by Step Injection Moulding Process Optimisation
  • Workbook approach and library
  • FDA Approved Validation Protocol
  • Real time error logging and correction
  • Individual user email tracking for feedback, feature requests and bug reporting.
  • Online Instruction for PRO-OP™ injection moulding process software
  • Online support for PRO-OP™ injection moulding process software
  • Downloadable PDF Process Report
  • Fully adaptive internal database for Material, Injection Moulding Machines, Mould Temperature Controllers and other key ancillary equipment.
  • Self-validating system to prevent short cutting and provide quality control
  • Internal approval function with email trail and notification
  • Version Control
  • Complete audit trial and history
  • Copy mould function
  • Fully adaptive file structure for suppliers, satellite locations and/or departments