RJG Goes Virtual, Offers Online Training and Services

Wednesday, May 20

Now more than ever it is vital to stay competitive in the injection moulding industry and to offer the highest quality products at the fastest speed to market and lowest cost. RJG has adjusted to the new norm of the post-COVID world and developed several virtual training and consulting services to continue serving clients from afar. These include online interactive training, free live webinars and personalized consultation services.


Online Injection Moulding Training

RJG adapted to the quarantine by transitioning several of their training courses to an online setting, offering live, interactive sessions as well as self-guided labs. These courses are led by RJG’s industry experts, and most take place over several days for a few hours a day. Online courses include:


  • Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Moulding
  • eDART® Training (Spanish)
  • Fundamentals of Machine Performance
  • Injection Moulding Essentials (English, Spanish)
  • Math for Moulders
  • Part Design (coming soon)
  • Mould Design (coming soon)
  • Systematic Moulding for Liquid Silicone Rubber (coming soon)


For more information on online training, visit: rjginc.com/online-injection-moulding


FREE Online Webinars

RJG is also hosting free webinars to offer injection moulding tips and discuss the latest innovations. The goal is for each participant to walk away from these sessions with helpful tools to increase their overall efficiency and make an immediate impact on their processes.


For more information on webinars, visit: rjginc.com/webinars.


Virtual Consultation Services

Whether clients are facing a unique situation, launching a new tool or just getting started in the injection moulding industry, RJG online consulting services are there to support them. RJG develops custom consultation plans for each client, depending on their unique needs.


Virtual consultation services include:

  • Curve Interpretation: RJG will help clients determine what their process monitoring data is telling them so they can make adjustments and improve efficiency.
  • Sensor Placement Strategy: RJG will assist clients in choosing the correct sensor type and placement to ensure they achieve their goals.
  • Process Optimization: RJG will help clients optimize their injection moulding processes, whether they are using RJG equipment or not.


For more information on consultation services, visit: www.rjginc.com/consulting.