Master Molder II

Course Description

You will learn to apply cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish Decoupled III techniques using instrumentation and data acquisition. Participants will leave the course with an understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness. The course covers the proper use of instrumentation and how to achieve process control solutions utilizing Decoupled III processing techniques. You will learn how monitoring techniques are used to detect and contain suspect parts and how to do accurate machine and mould qualifications.

Course Highlights

  • Cavity Pressure Control using Decoupled III Moulding Techniques
  • Reading and Interpreting Cavity Pressure Curves
  • Matching Processes on Different Presses using Cavity Pressure Data
  • Proper Sensor Location and Placement
  • Evaluation of Moulding Machine Performance
  • Calculating process improvement

Course Prerequisites

To register for the Master Molder II class it is required that you have taken Master Molder I and are certified. A waiver must be signed by the registrant in order to attend Master Molder II within 3 months of Master Molder I. eDART and cavity pressure will be used in this training, This is NOT eDART training but the eDART is focused on heavily during MM2. Therefore we strongly recommend that students take Advanced eDART Workshop prior to MM2..

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