Online Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Moulding

Course Description

This is an online, interactive course led by a live instructor with self-guided video practical exercises. The instructor will cover course materials live over video, then students will have the opportunity to practice what they learn in pre-recorded, self-guided labs with instructor commentary and guidance. Areas covered include injection moulding machine construction, process parameter selection (setting the moulding process), material types (semi-crystalline and amorphous),  material handling, the use of additives with reference to component quality and consistency, trouble shooting guide, and fault identification.

This is your opportunity to take Fundamentals at a discounted rate from the convenience of your home.

Length: 5 days

Time: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM GMT+1

Course Highlights

  • Overview of injection moulding machine and process cycles
  • Melt preparation/melting technology
  • Set up of a basic Injection Moulding  Process using scientific moulding techniques
  • Thermoplastic materials and their related characteristics and structure
  • Moulding of material types (Semi crystalline and Amorphous)
  • Effects of mould temperature control
  • Effects of different flow characteristics of material
  • Concepts of component dimensional control
  • Typical process faults and related part quality
  • Mould design considerations and how these affect component quality
  • Live troubleshooting exercise
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