Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Moulding

Course Description

This four-day course is for technical and non technical personnel who are associated with production of thermoplastic injection moulded components. The practically based course covers the concepts of injection moulding with knowledge of the important principles given, highlighting the process is founded upon technical logic.

Areas covered are moulding machine construction; process parameter selection (setting of the moulding process); the effect of mould temperature control; material handling; and the use of additives with reference to component quality and consistency.

The course is ideal for sales, marketing, quality,production control and production administration personnel, as well as production, development and design engineers.

Course Highlights

Day One

  • Injection moulding cycle
  • Elements of process cycle and effects of part quality and productivity
  • Important elements of process and machine construction
  • Injection unit and its attributes
  • Clamping unit and its attributes
  • Practical exercises

Day Two 

  • Melt preparation/melting technology
  • Basic procedure for consistent component
  • Practical work

Day Three

  • Thermoplastic materials and their related characteristics and structure
  • Practical moulding of material types
  • Practical moulding of coloured materials
  • Effect of mould temperature control
  • Effects of different flow characteristics of material
  • Practical work

Day Four

  • Concepts of component dimensional control by means of the injection moulding process variances
  • Typical process faults and related part quality
  • Mould design considerations and how these affect component quality
  • Effects of shrinkage
  • Material handling and its importance
  • Practical work
  • Discussion
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