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Employment Philosophy

RJG nurtures and develops the highest standards in professionalism, while recognizing the value of a work-life balance. We encourage our people to seek fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

RJG is committed to being fair with our employees and maintaining an environment that encourages personal responsibility. We seek employees who are committed to preserving and enhancing these values. We firmly believe that the highest quality people produce the highest quality products and services; that strong business ethics flow from strong personal ethics; and that responsible people produce exceptional results.

Employee Benefits

The RJG compensation and benefits package is designed to attract, energise, reward, and retain talented people who will produce superior business results. Current offerings include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Profit Sharing
  • Pension Scheme


Although required skills vary by position, RJG always seeks individuals with exceptional leadership ability, a high level of initiative, analytical ability, teamwork skill, and creativity.

Hiring Process

What are the RJG tenets for success?  Past experiences and accomplishments are good predictors of future performance.  Interviews focus on the candidate's accomplishments, leadership, and actions that have made an impact in their workplace, community and beyond.

After a successful initial interview, candidates may be asked to participate in a group interview. This provides an opportunity for the applicant to interact with employees from many areas of the company and for upper management to meet the applicant and determine if the applicant is a good overall fit.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The success of RJG depends on its employees. That is why RJG takes great care in selecting its employees through careful screening of written applications, interviewing, and checking of references. It is RJG's policy to hire employees who are both capable and agreeable working companions. RJG maintains a strong policy of equal employment opportunity.

Resume Submissions

RJG is continually accepting applications from qualified candidates. Resumes should be submitted to:
Kevin Lacey
RJG Technologies Ltd
26 Tresham Road
Orton Southgate