A Partnership For The Plastics Industry

RJG Technologies is an independent, non-biased company offering injection moulding process support, training and advisory services. Our injection moulding services are delivered in situ or in our own well equipped premises and include:

  • Trouble shooting and injection moulding process development
  • Recommendations for plastic moulding and product design recommendations
  • Project management
  • Proving/debugging of plastic moulding
  • PDQ (Pre-Mould Delivery Qualifications) trials
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Capability trials for plastic moulding
  • Pre-production runs and mould validation
  • Injection moulding process and product development
  • Injection moulding process optimisation through consultancy
  • Injection moulding process training
  • Productivity improvements to optimise injection moulding process

Our approach is founded on technical competence & considerable experience of our staff. We believe that many problems encountered stem from either the inevitable pressures of the production environment or a limited understanding of the subject – there rarely being enough time and resources to devote to overcoming production issues that cause poor profitability.

Why Training?

At RJG®, we do not believe in training for training's sake but for productivity improvements through more effective use of available production running hours, better quality parts and cycle time reduction.

In addition to our standard courses we offer tailor-made courses covering basic concepts to advanced injection moulding processing.

To ensure we meet the requirements of our customers a set of assessment papers is offered prior to injection moulding process training to ensure the correct level of knowledge and approach is covered.

Training Benefits

RJG courses are practically-based, with hands-on work forming two-thirds of the content and are led by experienced engineers and training professionals. Both the syllabus and the theoretical content of each course provide the best and most practical support for this approach.

RJG believe correct education and a thorough understanding of the injection moulding process by its personnel is vitally important to all companies.

Performance reviews taken before and after particular optimisation exercises unequivocally show a reduction in component costs through achievement of higher output and efficiency levels - by OEE values or through improved cavity utilisation or a reduction in defects or cycle time reduction.


RJG UK Nominated Plastic Industry Award Finalist!

Monday, July 15

RJG Technologies have been shortlisted as one of four finalists in the Best Technology Application Category of the 2019 Plastic Industry Awards. The other finalists are Connect 2 Cleanrooms, Kongsberg Automotive, and Rosti Automotive Larkhall. The...

RJG Technologies Achieve Best UK Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy Award

Tuesday, April 2

We are pleased to announce that RJG Technologies has been named for the second consecutive year as the Best UK Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy. We were nominated for the award, following a phase of voting on the GHP website, in the third annual...

New! Mexico RJG Training Facility to Open in April

Tuesday, March 5

We’re excited to announce that we’ll open the doors to our first training facility in Mexico in April. For the first time, we will be able to hold a variety of classes in Mexico that were not previously available. Jorge Banderas and Daniel Lopez will be the...

RJG Technologies awarded UK – Niche Training Consultancy of the Year

Thursday, August 16

Andy Nicholls, Training Manager at RJG said, “This award is recognition of the way my team engages the trainees in the many training courses RJG offers to increase their skill levels. When it is voted on by the industry, it is a reflection on the...

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG Combining Forces through Acquisition

Friday, October 17

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG are pleased to announce that they have joined forces. This acquisition strengthens RJG’s existing global footprint, and result in an organization with unmatched capabilities to assist customers with consulting, training,...

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